June 7, 2022, Primary
SKYLER WHEELER - Iowa House District 4

Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader said, “Representative Wheeler is a proven leader on life, religious freedom, and school choice. Just in the last few weeks, Rep. Wheeler authored and managed the Save Girls Sports bill on the House floor, ensuring that biological males will not be playing female sports in Iowa.”

Vander Plaats continued: “Iowa needs Representative Wheeler in the Iowa House. His bold leadership and proven pro-family record is unsurpassed. Iowans in Sioux and Lyon Counties could not ask for a better or more capable representative of Northwest Iowa values in Des Moines.”

ZACH DIEKEN - Iowa House District 5

Says TFL’s VP Chuck Hurley, “We urge all voters in the new Iowa House 5th District to get to know Zach Dieken and vote for him in 2022.”




DEAN FISHER - Iowa House Distict 53

Chuck Hurley, vice president and chief legal counsel for The FAMiLY Leader, says, “Rep. Fisher is an experienced lawmaker with a long track record of leadership, including sponsoring and voting for the Protect Life Amendment and advocating for parental choice in education. Iowans in Tama and Poweshiek counties deserve strong, courageous, and hard-working representation in the Iowa House, and Rep. Fisher has proven he will deliver.”



STEVE BRADLEY - Iowa House District 66

“Rep. Bradley has distinguished himself as courageously pro-life by advocating for and voting for the Protect Life Amendment. And he’s a strong advocate for parental choice in education,” states Chuck Hurley, vice president and chief legal counsel for The FAMiLY Leader. “The people of Jones and Jackson counties will be well served by Rep. Bradley’s convictions and passion.”



LUANA STOLTENBERG - Iowa House District 81

Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader said, “It has been my honor to ally with Luana Stoltenberg in the defense of human life in the state of Iowa. Her commitment to protecting unborn children is deeply rooted, and her compassionate advocacy on behalf of women wounded by abortion is a shining example of the voices most needed in the current debate.”

Vander Plaats continued: “Voters of Scott County would be well served by Luana’s personal, principled, and compassionate leadership in the Iowa House.”

HELENA HAYES - Iowa House District 88

“Helena Hayes is a strong pro-life, pro-parent candidate,” says Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader. “At no time in our recent history has it been more clear that parents need more involvement and more choice in their children’s education. Hayes is a champion of school choice, Gov. Kim Reynolds’ ESA plan, protecting children in schools from pornographic material, and increasing parental control of their children’s education.”

Vander Plaats continued: “Voters of Iowa District 88 (Keokuk County, most of Mahaska County, and part of Jefferson County) would be well served by Hayes representing them in the Iowa House.”