Choose from three tracks July 24-29, 2022

All tracks include LEAD’s foundational curriculum, taught by trained instructors. They cover topics such as Laying a Biblical Foundation, Ambassadors for Christ, Christian Citizenship, Worldviews in Action, and Debate and Communication.

Throughout the Legislative simulation students actively engage in:

• Critical and Strategic Thinking

• Teamwork

• Speech Writing

• Public Speaking


In the House Track students begin their LEAD experience by being sworn-in as members of the House of Representatives. Students are challenged to think critically about current issues through role-playing as state lawmakers and discussing actual bills from the Iowa legislature. Each participant is assigned to a committee and a caucus, and each caucus has one bill to support and one to oppose. They learn the process of how a bill becomes a law as well as the responsibilities of citizenship.

Each caucus utilizes the LEAD Media team to bring attention to their sponsored bill by calling a Press Conference.

Student legislators hear testimony from lobbyists during committee meetings in the Capitol Building, oftentimes chaired by real State Senators & Representatives. Students can ask tough questions of the lobbyists, and gain valuable information on their bill.

LEAD peaks when students assemble as a legislative body in the Iowa Capitol to debate and cast their votes on the issues considered throughout the week. Family members and friends are invited to watch it all!


Second-year students can attend the Senate track. This advanced legislative experience allows student legislators to amend their bills, both in committee and during the final legislative session. The amendment process is much more challenging, and the strategies vary for each caucus. Senators convene for their own final legislative session in the Iowa Capitol. They also get to act as reporters during the press conferences given by the House Track students.


Media students play a key role at camp as part of the LEAD News Network team, producing a newscast and a daily newspaper. Students will gain both print and broadcast media experience through this challenging and rewarding track. The Media track is open to students who have completed the House track.