Timeless Voice

“The Timeless Voice” is a series of essays designed to equip Christians to engage in civics in a biblical way. By highlighting a biblical perspective towards current events, political worldviews, and history – rather than looking through the perspective of worldly institutions – these essays encourage Christians to renew our biblical understanding (Romans 12:2) and then use that understanding to bring God glory by speaking Truth, not politics, into the culture.

The Church has been a timeless voice to the culture throughout history. Though culture constantly changes, the Word of God never does. Just as Joseph and Moses advised Egypt, as Daniel advised Babylon, as Elijah advised Ahab, as Nathan advised David, and as Paul advised Rome, nations today need the Church to be that timeless voice – that rock that stands for the Truth, no matter what direction the culture is going.

The timeless voice is not a voice from this, earthly kingdom. It is not Republican or Democrat, nor conservative or liberal. No, the timeless comes from a completely other kingdom. The timeless voice represents the God who created the heavens and the earth, and it stands for the same truths it always has. It must never be shaken, and it must never change.

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