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BIG NEWS: Iowa's Roe v. Wade to be challenged in court Feb. 23

For nearly 50 years, the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade has been the nation’s biggest barrier to protecting and defending the lives of unborn children.

In Iowa, the biggest barrier to protecting innocent babies’ lives is the 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds.

But on Wednesday, Feb. 23, Iowa’s version of Roe v. Wade will face an oral argument challenge before a new group of State Supreme Court justices.

This is a very, very big day for protecting babies in Iowa, for if the State Supreme Court reverses or alters Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds, it could pave the way for legislators to once again pass pro-life laws in our state.

The FAMiLY Leader’s Chuck Hurley will be there, seated before the Court to represent pro-life Iowans during the arguments.

And here are 4 ways in which YOU can get informed and involved, too:

  1. Learn: The FAMiLY Leader was instrumental in filing a brief the justices will debate in the case, and 60 Iowa legislators signed on to urge the Court to consider the argument. Learn more, or even read the brief yourself, here.

  2. Watch TFL afterward: The FAMiLY Leader will be on site, even at the table in the courtroom, and we’ll follow up with an insider’s analysis of what happened during the hearing – so keep an eye on TFL’s website, social media, and emails following oral arguments!

  3. Pray: TFL’s free If 7:14 app unites you with thousands of people around the world in twice daily prayer for revival … and in the coming days will prompt you to pray for life! Download the free app today!

  4. Give: The FAMiLY Leader wouldn’t be in the Supreme Court chambers, wouldn’t be able to argue for life at all, if not for those who support us each and every month. Join our work by giving today!


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