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BREAKING NEWS: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs #SaveGirlsSports into law!

Des Moines, IOWA – It was an exciting day the Iowa Capitol Thursday, March 3, as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the #SaveGirlsSports bill into law!

It’s hard to believe sometimes that The FAMiLY Leader and many of you had to work so hard to see this common-sense bill passed.

But protecting girls’ sports isn’t political; it’s biological reality. Allowing genetically male athletes to compete in women’s sports puts our girls at an undeniable physical disadvantage and threatens their athletic opportunities. Our high school girls and college women deserve to compete on a level playing field, and today, that playing field is protected.

So THANK YOU for joining TFL in being a voice for Iowa’s female athletes. Many of you followed our social media updates, contacted your legislators, and even rallied at the Capitol to speak up. Thank you for being a big part of this victory!


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