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Election 2020: How do I vote?

Where you can you find helpful information on voting your biblical values? Right here!

The FAMiLY Leader is compiling research, links, videos, resources, and more to help you make an informed decision this election season and to help you encourage other Christians to steward the gift of the vote that God has given us:

For voters:

Are you registered to vote? Learn more and register here.

Absentee ballots? Early voting? Learn more here.

WHERE do I vote? Find out here.

WHO do I vote for? This year The FAMiLY Leader is partnering with iVoterGuide to compile candidate’s records, endorsements, contributions, questionnaires, and more to help you make an informed decision. Simply enter your zip code here to see iVoterGuide’s evaluation of the candidates on YOUR ballot!

*** What about the judicial retention races? *** See TFL’s statement and research here.

What about the “constitutional convention” question? Learn more here.

For pastors/churches:

How do you encourage your church to engage biblically, not politically, in this year’s election? Discover election resources you actually want to use at Honoring God 2020.

Candidate conversations:

Candidate for Iowa House Jon Dunwell

State Rep. John Landon

State Senator Brad Zaun

Vice President Mike Pence sharing his personal testimony of faith in Christ:


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