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Free help for parents to protect their children at school

The FAMiLY Leader’s friends at Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family have just released a new guide designed to help parents navigate the cultural and legal landmines their children increasingly face at school.

Called “the most important book a parent will ever read” by Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, this guide offers parents help and hope to face challenging school situations.

Recent school closures have given parents a unique glimpse into classrooms, and they may not like what they’ve seen. Classroom content may be overly sexualized, teach radical viewpoints as fact, or shut down faith-based perspectives – just to name a few concerns. Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family hope this guide will help parents navigate these challenging waters.

“Families today face unprecedented challenges at school—from highly sexualized curriculum, to men in their daughters’ locker rooms, to counselors encouraging children that abortion or cross-sex hormones are the right choice, without ever talking to a child’s parent,” said Stephanie Curry, Esq., Policy Manager for Family Policy Alliance. “We receive questions every week from parents about what their rights are, how to navigate the bureaucracies responsible for passing these harmful policies, and how to talk about these issues with children at home. We’ve created Back to School—for Parents to answer these questions, because we firmly believe that parents—not any government entity—are truly best at parenting.”

“As a former high school English teacher, I know that many educators have deep faith, are hardworking, and remain dedicated to their profession,” said Jeff Johnston, Culture and Policy Analyst at Focus on the Family. “But I also know that many legislators and education professionals have a social and political agenda that is antagonistic toward Christianity and biblical values. This agenda affects school curriculums, textbooks, and resources. Many parents are outraged and appalled when they discover what their children are actually being taught in school. This new education resource helps parents know what to watch out for and gives valuable guidance for protecting children.”

The guide is chock-full of surprising facts and helpful resources. Did you know that in some schools, a counselor could coach your child to “transition” genders or get an abortion without your consent or even your knowledge? Or that the school devices your child uses at home may not have the type of content filters you would install in your own home? The guide offers these and other important and eye-opening information for parents, together with practical help for parents who want to prevent or address these situations.


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