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In loving memory: Lucas Vander Plaats

*NEW IN 2022! The updated and expanded “Light from Lucas” – detailing Lucas’ final days on earth, his touching farewell, and the deep lessons learned from his miraculous life – is now available! All proceeds from your minimum donation of $22 per book will fund efforts to defend the sanctity of human life and bless families of children with special needs. Get the book and spread the Light from Lucas today!

The FAMiLY Leader lost a dear member of our extended family in 2021. Lucas Vander Plaats, third son of Bob and Darla Vander Plaats, met his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, cheek to cheek and face to face, where every tear and disability were wiped away, on November 22, 2021. He was 28 years old.

Lucas was born with a very rare brain disorder, Partial Pachygyria Lissencephaly, resulting in life-long physical and mental disabilities requiring 24-hour care. Yet Lucas’ life displayed the glory and mighty works of God, clearly seen in the love, nurture, and support of many – and in return, Lucas blessed and impacted many, many lives.

We praise God for the gift of Lucas’ life and the gift of eternal life. We are picturing him running, jumping, talking, singing, and maybe even dunking as he enters into his Savior’s courts with praise!

Photos and video tribute to Lucas:

Moments from Lucas' touching funeral celebration:

In his speech below, originally delivered to the 2021 Agape Pregnancy Center’s annual fundraising gala. Bob shares the painful story of Lucas’ birth, his son’s struggle for life, and the soul-searching question, “Why?”

Bob also shares the answer that Lucas has been, and the answer that many parents of children with disabilities have discovered – that God’s perfection is clearly seen in those who are seen as imperfect:

Bob’s 2007 book, “Light from Lucas: Lessons in Faith from a Fragile Life,” first shared with the world the heart-wrenching story of Lucas’ early days, transparently told, shining an insightful light on the nature of suffering, the character of God, and the value of every life.

Since the book’s first publication, Bob has continued to share Lucas’ story and testify to God’s glory, revealed through Lucas’ life and those who care for “the least of these.” Order YOUR copy of the updated and expanded fresh release of “Light from Lucas” today!


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