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TFL Capitol Connection, Ep. 4: How school choice actually affects you

The parental choice in education bill moving through Iowa’s Legislature has been drawing a lot of unfair and inaccurate criticism.

The arguments are often confusing, sometimes deceiving, and they’re leaving many Iowans with unanswered questions about what the bill actually does and doesn’t do.

Among the questions we often hear: How will it impact good, local schools? Is it OK for public tax dollars to be spent at private or religious institutions? Is it a “voucher” system?

In this edition of TFL’s Capitol Connection, The FAMiLY Leader’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Nathan Oppman first provide an update on the Protect Life Amendment moving through the Legislature, and then sit down to cut through the confusion and answer how the governor’s “school choice” bill actually impacts YOU (and here’s a preview: It’s NOT a voucher system!)


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