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TFL endorses Rep. Steve Bradley, Rep. Dean Fisher

Urbandale, IOWA – The FAMiLY Leader announces its wholehearted endorsement of two candidates, Rep. Steve Bradley of Iowa House District 66 and Rep. Dean Fisher of Iowa House District 53, in the upcoming June 7, 2022, Republican Primary. These public servants are leaders in protecting unborn life, defending religious freedom, and expanding parental choice in education.

“Rep. Bradley has distinguished himself as courageously pro-life by advocating for and voting for the Protect Life Amendment. And he’s a strong advocate for parental choice in education,” states Chuck Hurley, vice president and chief legal counsel for The FAMiLY Leader. “The people of Jones and Jackson counties will be well served by Rep. Bradley’s convictions and passion.”

Hurley continues, “Rep. Fisher is an experienced lawmaker with a long track record of leadership, including sponsoring and voting for the Protect Life Amendment and advocating for parental choice in education. Iowans in Tama and Poweshiek counties deserve strong, courageous, and hard-working representation in the Iowa House, and Rep. Fisher has proven he will deliver.”


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