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TFL's Capital Connection, Week 1: Governor Reynolds and 2022 Priorities

With Gov. Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State Address providing leadership and direction, the Iowa Legislature has begun work this past week, with key priorities on parental choice in education and tax cuts for Iowa families.

TFL’s Daniel Sunne and Danny Carroll discuss how the Legislature’s direction meshes with TFL’s top legislative priorities, including a breakdown on how TFL is working both in Iowa and at the national level to see all human life protected and cherished:

Daniel mentioned an “Action Alert,” encouraging you to contact your legislator and let him or her know that you want to see more parental choice in education.

Daniel also mentioned TFL’s Capitol Connection is now available in podcast format! To listen to TFL’s weekly updates from the Iowa Legislature, click here to listen to the podcast on Spotify, or search for TFL’s Capitol Connection on Google Podcasts, and make sure to follow and subscribe!


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