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VIDEO: Rep. Salmon speaks out on saving girls' sports

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, State Rep. Sandy Salmon, R-Janesville, spoke before the Iowa House on preserving girls’ sports in our state.

In the three-minute speech below, Rep. Salmon explains that opportunities for girls are being threatened by the increasingly common practice of biologically male athletes identifying as female and competing in girls’ sports, despite significant physiological advantages.

“Girls in other states – specifically Connecticut, Idaho, and Alaska – have lost sports titles and athletic scholarships,” Salmon stated. “It is entirely unfair for girls to have to compete against biological boys in sports.”

Though the amendment to a debated bill she references did not pass the House, The FAMiLY Leader commends Rep. Salmon for bringing this issue to the public’s attention and for standing up for biblical and biological truths in defense of Iowa’s girls:


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