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Voting Nov. 8, 2022

America’s big vote is Tuesday, Nov. 8!

And this year, especially in Iowa, there’s a lot on the line: Parental choice in education, the sanctity of human life, and more.

To help you make your voting decisions, The FAMiLY Leader would like to suggest the following resources:

Judges: Our friends at Iowa Right to Life have compiled what information can be found on the judges who are up for retention, including biographies, party registrations, and primary voting history:

Candidates: Our friends at iVoterGuide have compiled even more information on the candidates running for legislative and other offices:

Voting: Find your precinct, how to register, where to vote, and more at Iowa’s VoterReady website:

If you haven’t already utilized Iowa’s early voting process, we hope you’ll join us at the polls Tuesday, Nov. 8, as we steward the gift of the vote to honor God and bless others!

For a brief message from TFL President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats on voting biblically this year, please click below:


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