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Greg Baker
Greg Baker 
Executive Vice President and Founding Director of Church Ambassador Network, The FAMiLY Leader
Kim Reynolds
“I’ve personally witnessed the impact of The FAMiLY Leader’s ‘The Daniel Impact’ in Iowa. Elections are impacted, best policies are enacted, and officials are blessed and encouraged when the Church is authentically engaged. I cheer on this proven model and hope it is embraced and enacted in many states.”
-Governor Kim Reynolds
Bob Vander Plaats
Bob Vander Plaats
President and CEO, The FAMiLY Leader


The Daniel Impact is a national strategy of equipping independent state organizations with a proven model of inspiring the Church to engage government – not for political ends, but to advance the kingdom of God and to bless America's families. 

Formerly known as “The Daniel Initiative,” The Daniel Impact (TDI) reflects the next stage of growth for the strategy. No longer simply an “initiative,” the “impact” has already begun, and it is bearing fruit across the nation!

TDI States Map
tdi goal

The Goal

Today, The FAMiLY Leader is strategically exporting this model across the nation through independent, state-based family policy councils connected through the Family Policy Alliance. The FAMiLY Leader provides each participating state organization with training, mentoring, shared best practices, and grants to help fund implementation. 

The FAMiLY Leader’s ultimate goal is to see The Daniel Impact active in all 50 states, inspiring the Church to engage government, restoring the Church’s timeless voice, and transforming Church/State partnerships to bless people in local communities.

The Model

The FAMiLY Leader has refined a 4-pointmodel for authentically engaging the Church with government. Unlike other models before it, TFL's model is deliberately local, intentionally relational...and proven effective. 

Cultural Transformation

Impact Elections

Influence Policy

Be a model

“I’ve been involved in politics and presidential campaigns, but The FAMiLY Leader is as wonderful of an organization as I have ever seen. It’s really a model, and I want to see how the best are doing it, so we can export what they’re doing to other states and lift the whole movement up.”

Craig DeRoche

CEO, Family Policy Alliance

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