Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

“I’ve personally witnessed the impact of The FAMiLY Leader’s model in Iowa. Elections are impacted, best policies are enacted, and officials are blessed and encouraged when the Church is authentically engaged. I cheer on this proven model, and I hope it is embraced and enacted in every state.”

Craig DeRoche
CEO, Family Policy Alliance

“I’ve been involved in politics and presidential campaigns, but The FAMiLY Leader is as wonderful of an organization as I have ever seen. It’s really a model, and I want to see how the best are doing it, so we can export what they’re doing to other states and lift the whole movement up.”

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller

“I appreciate my time with the pastors. We communicate with each other. We respect each other. We pray and work together for the betterment of our communities, including supporting criminal justice reform and opposing payday lending.”

Cathi Herrod
President, Center for Arizona Policy

“Without a doubt, The Daniel Impact represents a new and unique way for us to serve pastors and churches. Arizona will be ninth state to launch this initiative, and we are hearing incredible reports from our colleagues in other states. My heart is eager for what God is about to do in our state through this effort.”

Ryan McCann
Executive director, Indiana Family Institute

“Donors have been very encouraged by the long-term vision of The Daniel Impact. I believe TDI even helps them place greater value on the overall work we do. We had a businessman who periodically gave around election time, but could go a year or more without giving. I met with him regarding The Daniel Impact, and he not only pledged a larger gift than he had ever given, but also asked to join our board! He is now a board member … a great addition to the team.”