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Our purpose is to build intentional relationships that build into the “king” as a person, shepherd, and community partner.

Currently the Church Ambassador Network is connecting pastors with governing authorities in all three branches of Iowa’s government at the State Capitol, Iowa’s federal office holders, and mayors across the state; and we are laboring to expand this movement across the country.

We build into our governing authorities as...

Church Ambassador Network of Iowa


Pastors and governing authorities are ordinary people that have been called into an extraordinary, and often heavy, responsibility. Both pastors and governing authorities need a safe place that they can be themselves, and not just their title. Pastors and governing authorities can provide each other a safe place they can rest, be themselves, and grow.

Church Ambassador Network of Iowa


Pastors and governing authorities have an important calling from the Lord to shepherd a flock. Pastors shepherd a congregation, governing authorities shepherd a city, state, or nation. This job is not only difficult, but it also comes with tremendous sacrifices for them and their families. Very few notice those sacrifices, and even fewer express thanks. We desire to walk our governing

Church Ambassador Network of Iowa


No one knows the needs of our communities more than pastors and governing authorities. They often carry the burden of the needs on their shoulders and hearts. It is our desire to see these two institutions partner together to meet these needs, much like Joseph and Pharaoh worked together to spare Egypt from famine. We can learn from them to partner together to meet the growing needs of our communities such as: addiction, foster-care, mental health, housing, education, justice, and much more.

We do this by engaging government leaders in four different ways:


Connecting government leaders with pastors from their own communities


Connecting government leaders  to pastors who regularly come to the Iowa Capitol, becoming a  recognizable face for the Church


Connecting government leaders with pastors who present white papers that teach biblical worldview on overarching government topics


Connecting government leaders with pastors and ministry leaders with experience addressing  similar needs in  Iowa communities

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