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Why Elections?

The FAMiLY Leader was founded in 1996 to advance God-honoring, righteous policy. But experience taught us that without righteous leaders to enact and enforce that policy, even the best of bills and laws eventually fall. TFL, therefore, works to identify and equip Christ-like public servants to run for elected office. And we actively work with pastors and the public to encourage Christians everywhere to engage with government and steward God’s gift of their vote to honor the One who gave it to them.

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How Do I Vote?



The first step is registering to vote. You can do this online, through the mail, or at the polls on Election Day.



Second, choose which option you prefer for voting: absentee or at the polls.



Finally, if voting in person, remember to bring your ID. Iowa's Secretary of State has a helpful website – – that makes getting ready to vote quick and easy.

Who Do I Vote For?

Christians can disagree on the best candidate for a given race. 


This is one of the reasons The FAMiLY Leader does not produce in-house “voter guides.”

We believe your vote is a matter of Christian stewardship, a gift from God to be used for His glory, not the elevation of a human kingdom or political party.


But if it’s helpful to your discernment, the website does offer research and information on the candidates. Consider beginning your decision-making process there.

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