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WATCH and FACT-CHECK: The ‘Baby Olivia’ video lawmakers want to show in Iowa schools

Should “Human Growth and Development” classes in Iowa schools … actually teach human growth and development in the womb?


Surprisingly, there are powerful forces on Iowa’s Capitol Hill arguing the answer should be no.


But some Iowa lawmakers – with the assistance of The FAMiLY Leader and other pro-life groups – are working now to ensure that Iowa schools do, in fact, teach about babies’ development in the womb. And not just in high school, but in grades 1-12.


HF2671 has been nicknamed the “Baby Olivia” bill, because it would require Human Growth and Development classes in Iowa to include not only high-quality ultrasound videos detailing fetal development, but also a computer-animated depiction of fetal development, “comparable to the ‘Meet Baby Olivia’ video developed by Live Action.”


You can watch the “Meet Baby Olivia” video for yourself below:

Opponents of the Baby Olivia bill contend the video itself to be medically inaccurate, yet the reality is that the video was created by accredited OB/GYNs, based on facts from the non-profit and politically neutral Endowment for Human Development, endorsed by experts, and fact-checked and cited, line by line, in the following, downloadable document:






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