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RE-WATCH: Top 10 moments from Thanksgiving Family Forum

DES MOINES, Iowa - 800 guests and the watching eyes of the world’s news media were focused on The 2023 Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum at the Marriott Hotel Downtown on Friday, Nov. 17, as three of the top Republican presidential hopefuls sat down for a civil and insightful discussion, part of a one-of-a-kind event on the presidential nomination calendar hosted by The FAMiLY Leader.

Many in attendance marveled at the thoughtful discourse the Forum’s unique format makes possible, a fresh and refreshing look into the hearts and worldviews of the candidates seeking to lead this nation.

Among the key moments in the discussion between moderator Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY Leader and the candidates – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Ambassador and former Gov. Nikki Haley, and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy – we these “Top 10” moments, listed in arbitrary order of national significance and/or impact on those in attendance:

1. DeSantis – Pressed to “wait his turn,” the Governor makes the case instead for why he’s a better choice than Donald Trump in 2024:

2. Haley – Pressed to clarify her position on life, the former Governor says she’ll back the people, even if that means signing a “heartbeat” bill:

3. Ramaswamy – Sharing why he stands for the sanctity of human life, Ramaswamy is moved to tears over his son:

4. Haley – Asked how America can restore to its children the blessings of family, the former Governor explains how her state made a difference:

5. Ramaswamy – Prompted by Pontius Pilate’s famous question, “What is Truth,” Ramaswamy says his values are more universal than foreign:

6. DeSantis – The Governor opens up about the loss of a child to miscarriage and depending on faith to see him through:

7. Haley – Faced with the contentious issue of the Confederate flag, the former Governor explains how she brought people together:

8. DeSantis – The question was why support Israel, and the Governor went further to reinforce the Judeo-Christian foundation of America:

9. Ramaswamy – The youngest candidate says his generation needs a role model in the White House for a change

10. DeSantis – How can we trust a president to handle an unexpected crisis, like COVID? The Governor states it plain: “You can trust me, because I’ve done it”:

The 2023 Presidential Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum and its honored guests were brought to Iowa by The FAMiLY Leader Foundation’s #ChooseWell2024 initiative and its cornerstone partners: Family Policy Alliance, First Liberty Institute, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, The Heritage Foundation, and the Forum’s premier sponsor, Sukup Manufacturing Co. You can watch the full Thanksgiving Family Forum HERE.


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