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TFL Endorses Pro-Family School Board Candidates

For the first time ever, TFL is endorsing candidates in a local election!

If you live in the Johnston School District, we encourage you to get out and cast your vote for an outstanding slate of four conservative school board candidates: Michelle Veach, Charles Steele, Lori Stiles, and Josh Nelson.

These candidates are all professing Christians who are running to firmly establish a tradition of strong values and academic excellence. They are also passionate supporters of parental involvement in education.

TFL is sending out over 1,700 mailers in the Johnston community to inform pro-family voters about these great candidates and encourage them to vote in the upcoming school board election on November 7, 2023. With your support, we can send out even more!

No matter where you live, please vote in your local school board election on November 7, 2023!

Your vote in a local school board election might be the most impactful vote you ever cast. School districts are small, and voter turnout is often extremely low. The margin between winning and losing is tight, which means your vote carries a lot of weight. And these elections have BIG consequences for the community as a whole.


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