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TFL Statement: 'Resounding victory' for life at Iowa Supreme Court

Urbandale, IOWA – In its June 17, 2022, Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds ruling, the Iowa State Supreme Court corrected a previous, erroneous decision by rightly recognizing there is no “fundamental right” to abortion in the Iowa Constitution.

“Today is resounding victory, not just for life, but for proper and constitutional rule of law,” says Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader. “In 2018, five unelected judges brazenly admitted to ignoring the original meaning of the Iowa Constitution to invent a so-called ‘right’ to abortion. Today the Iowa Supreme Court rejected such judicial activism and restored to all Iowans a more constitutional government.

“Today’s ruling moves us closer to the day the people of Iowa can protect pre-born children,” Vander Plaats continues. “The future of abortion in Iowa remains uncertain. But this back-and-forth in the courts reveals the Protect Life Amendment is needed now more than ever. The people of Iowa cannot allow a future court to simply overrule them on a whim, like the judges did in 2018.

“The FAMiLY Leader (TFL) expresses gratitude to TFL Vice President and Chief Counsel Chuck Hurley, the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and his team, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), ADF attorney Chris Schandevel, and the 60 Iowa legislators who signed on to an amicus brief urging the Iowa Supreme Court to overturn the 2018 decision,” Vander Plaats concluded. “Thank you for working diligently to stand up for the people of Iowa.”

Additional information:

  • Key quote from 2022 Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds ruling: “We overrule [the 2018 decision], and thus reject the proposition that there is a fundamental right to an abortion in Iowa’s Constitution.”

  • Read the full text of the ruling here.


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