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VIDEO: Protect Life Amendment passes Senate!

The FAMiLY Leader’s Capitol Team was on the Hill in Des Moines to report highlights and brief commentary on the Iowa Senate amending and passing HJR5, the Protect Life Amendment:

The amended language makes it clear to Iowa voters that the Protect Life Amendment is specifically designed to protect mothers and children from recent efforts by unelected judges to expand abortion in the state of Iowa. Without the Amendment, future courts would be able to force late-term abortion on our state and even compel Iowans to pay for it – all without any input, vote, or recourse from We the People.

In order for the Amendment to clear the first hurdle of passing the Iowa Legislature, however, the Iowa House will need to agree to the amended language. That’s why TFL has put out an urgent plea for pro-life supporters across the state to contact your representative TODAY and urge him or her to pass the amended HJR5.

Should the House pass HJR5 as amended, the Protect Life Amendment will need to be passed by the next Iowa General Assembly (in 2023 or 2024) and then go before Iowa voters for ratification.


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