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Business leaders, take note: Turn your work into ministry

For many business leaders and CEOs, peer-to-peer advisory groups have become a vital part of personal and professional growth.

But do you have a group of peers who are encouraging and equipping you to be a Christian leader? To make your business a form of ministry?

Business leaders often influence more people through the workplace and the marketplace than they ever will through church or on the missions field. So what if you could use that influence to genuinely bless the people you work with and make an impact for the Kingdom of Christ?

In an interview you don’t want to miss, The FAMiLY Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats sits down with Luke Van Wyk, central Iowa managing director of C12, the nation’s largest peer advisory organization specifically for Christian business leaders.

Watch below to discover how you can get connected and start making your business a blessing:


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