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Iowa Legislature passes Help Not Harm

DES MOINES, Iowa – On Wednesday, March 8, the Iowa House of Representatives passed SF538, known as the “Help Not Harm” bill, which protects children from gender-transitioning drugs and surgeries.

The evening before, the Iowa Senate also passed SF538, which will therefore now be sent to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ desk to be signed into law.

“All Iowans agree that children experiencing gender dysphoria need compassionate help and care,” says Chuck Hurley, vice president and chief counsel for The FAMiLY Leader. “But it’s NOT compassionate to sterilize, castrate, and mutilate children, leaving them scarred for life. Our kids deserve to be kept safe from permanent and predatory medical procedures.

“In other words,” Hurley concludes, “we need to be helping children, not harming them.”

The Help Not Harm bill, shepherded through the Legislature by floor managers Sen. Jeff Edler and Rep. Steve Holt, passed 33-16 in the Iowa Senate and 57-39 in the Iowa House, with all “yes” votes coming from Republicans.


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