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VIDEO: Thank you for standing for marriage!

Many of you heard the call to stand up for marriage and religious liberty by opposing the federal (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act. Thank you!

Thanks to your efforts, the U.S. Senate postponed a vote on the bill, which would have altered federal law to codify marriage as anything California (or any other state) is willing to call “marriage,” while threatening churches and non-profits that hold to biblical teachings on marriage and sexuality.

But the battle is not over yet! The Senate did not vote down the bill, but only delayed it until after the Nov. 8 election. This is a dangerous action, as hesitant senators could join the efforts to erode marriage after their reelection is already secure.

Please watch this short message from TFL’s Bob Vander Plaats on the need to remain vigilant and ready to speak out for marriage and the family again:


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