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TFL releases statement on Iowa Supreme Court's Heartbeat decision

URBANDALE, Iowa – The Iowa Supreme Court tied 3-3 in a ruling today, effectively permitting a lower court’s injunction against Iowa’s 2018 Heartbeat Law to stand. The judicial system, therefore, has effectively blocked the law from going into effect. The ruling does leave open the possibility that Iowa’s lawmakers could re-pass the law – or something similar – to increase protection for unborn children.

Today’s ruling is profoundly disappointing.

Iowa’s elected representatives have already passed Heartbeat once. Then Iowa’s people affirmed that decision by reelecting a Legislature committed to protecting innocent children in the womb, rather than a Legislature of Planned Parenthood allies that would open the slaughter of unborn babies to all 9 months of pregnancy. The people of Iowa have already spoken up for life. But unfortunately, today’s ruling will result in more children killed, more women wounded, and only delays the day when ALL innocent life is cherished and protected by law. And that day will come, because that little child in her mother’s womb – she’s a baby, and she deserves to be protected.


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