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TFL's work wins Iowa 'Offensive Player of the Year'

The FAMiLY Leader has been nationally recognized for positively impacting pro-family legislative policy in Iowa in 2021 through a distinction that sounds more typically NFL than TFL: “Offensive Player of the Year.”

The title was awarded to Iowa as a whole by Family Policy Alliance, a public policy partner of Focus on the Family that works with national and state-based organizations like The FAMiLY Leader to advance pro-family legislation, elect pro-family leaders, mobilize churches on critical issues, and be a voice for biblical citizens within their states.

Family Policy Alliance created a “Craig’s List” (in honor of its president and CEO, Craig DeRoche) of notable pro-family policy work being done by allied state organizations.

Coming in at No. 2 on the list was Iowa, honored among all 50 states as the “Offensive Player of the Year.”

“Iowa protected families in many ways this year,” writes Family Policy Alliance Policy and Communications Strategist Meridian Baldacci. “In addition to two critical pro-life wins, Iowa was hard at work for families and students, too. The legislature expanded tax credits for parents who choose private school and allowed homeschooling parents to receive the credit for the first time. They also ensured parents who choose public school can send their children to the public school of their choice. And, the legislature prohibited government-mandated training or teaching on critical race theory as a fact. As a cherry on top, our state ally, The FAMiLY Leader, reports that they defeated every bill they opposed this session. Well done, Iowa!”

Credit for the recognition must also be shared with Iowa’s Legislature, Gov. Kim Reynolds, the teamwork of Iowa’s Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, the voters and voices of everyday Iowans who championed pro-family policies, and the friends and supporters of The FAMiLY Leader.

“We are blessed to live in a state where our citizenry and elected leadership agree on the values of life, family, and freedom,” commented The FAMiLY Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats. “And Family Policy Alliance’s list affirms that the power to shape this country, as America’s founders intended, still lies in the states. Working together for biblical and family values at the local level impacts not only our lives, but also our nation.”


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