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TFL Statement: Leaked Roe ruling is great news...but not in Iowa

If true*, Politico’s report of a leaked ruling indicating the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade is fantastic news – an answer to decades of prayer and perseverant pro-life work. Such a ruling would allow the states, at long last, to protect mothers and babies from the horrors of abortion.

But not in Iowa.

In Iowa, a 2018 State Supreme Court ruling that concocted a “fundamental right” to abortion would still prevent Iowans from protecting innocent life in the womb.

If that 2018 state ruling still stands when Roe is overturned, Iowans will watch state after state around us protect life, while we cannot. Rather, Iowa would likely become an abortion destination state, where thousands of women travel to seek abortions.

And what can we DO about it?

This is why Iowa needs the Protect Life Amendment. The Protect Life Amendment is our best path forward to restoring the voice of Iowa’s voters and finally allowing us to protect life as well.

Already passed once by the Iowa Legislature, the Amendment requires passage by the legislators we elect this fall and ratification by a vote of We the People. Pro-life Iowans, therefore, must show up at the primary elections this June 7 – and again in the fall – to elect candidates who champion the Protect Life Amendment.

To be clear, however, the right to life is not a states’ rights or voter issue. It is a God-given, foundational right. And The FAMiLY Leader calls on our judges, elected leaders, and fellow citizens to protect that right in our law, our constitution, our families, our churches, and our culture.

* UPDATE: U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed the leaked ruling is authentic, though it is only a draft and may not reflect the Court’s final decision.

For a deeper look into the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling and what it means for Iowa, TFL’s President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats analyzes the day’s news with TFL Vice President and Chief Counsel Chuck Hurley below:


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