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The FAMiLY LEADER Joins Campaign to Stop Azerbaijan’s Genocide of 120,000 Armenians in Artsakh

URBANDALE, Iowa – The “120,000 Reasons” Campaign joined in partnership today with THE FAMiLY LEADER to call on President Joseph Biden and his State Department to end the Azerbaijani blockade of the Armenian territory of Artsakh (also known as Nagorno-Karabakh) and save the lives of 120,000 innocent Christians who have been without food, fuel, and medicine for more than 270 days.

Since December 2022, 120,000 Armenians, including 30,000 children, have been trapped by the Azerbaijani government within the boundaries of their homeland, unable to move freely in and out of Artsakh. In recent testimony before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Comission of the U.S. Congress, former International Criminal Court prosecutor and genocide author, Luis Moreno Ocampo unequivocally stated that the actions of Azerbaijan to destroy or displace Armenians fits the definition of genocide.

“Earlier this year, The FAMiLY Leader's Church Ambassador Network Deputy Director, Denise Bubeck joined an international fact-finding mission to Armenia led by Philos Project President Robert Nicholson and former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback,” said Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of THE FAMiLY LEADER. “The facts on the ground are devastating. Over 120,000 lives - mostly Armenian Christians - are trapped in a humanitarian disaster behind a blockade imposed by Azerbaijan (a self-proclaimed ally of the United States). These Christians have been cut off from the world, deprived of food, medicine, or fuel since December of last year. Armenian Christians have been subjected to genocide before – killed by the hundreds of thousands in the last century. But the words ‘never again’ have never been more needed than they are today. We call on Christians everywhere to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Armenia, and we call on President Biden and the U.S. government to action, before our so-called ally finishes a second slaughter of Armenian Christians.”

“We are proud to partner with true leaders like Bob Vander Plaats to help raise awareness of this ongoing genocide and call on President Biden, the U.S. Congress and candidates who seek to lead this great country, ” said James Tufenkian, Founder of 120,000 Reasons. “We are less than 100 days from Winter, and thousands of families will struggle to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures. Without immediate action, the United States will passively witness yet another genocide that our leaders could have prevented. There are 120,000 Reasons for America to answer the call.”

In a unified effort, 120,000 Reasons and THE FAMiLY LEADER are coming together with the focus of calling upon President Biden to fulfill his promise of implementing security measures and imposing sanctions on Azerbaijan. Together, these two organizations are rallying Christian leaders throughout the United States to join in prayer for the persecuted victims of the ongoing genocide.

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About 120,000 Reasons

120,000 Reasons is at the forefront of a humanitarian crisis, advocating for 120,000 innocent Christian Armenians trapped within the Armenian territory of Artsakh due to an Azerbaijani blockade. As the situation continues to deteriorate 120,000 Reasons is raising awareness and exerting pressure on the White House and Congress to end blockade of the Lachin Corridor. Learn more about the campaign at


Since 1996, The FAMiLY Leader is dedicated to strengthening families and inspiring Christ-like leadership across the United States. Recognizing that righteous policy alone cannot drive cultural revival, the organization partners with the Church in a gospel-first mission, Inspiring the Church to engage the Government for the advance of God’s Kingdom and the strengthening of Family. THE FAMiLY LEADER seeks to see a revived America that honors God and blesses people.Learn more about the organization at


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