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VIDEO Exclusive: Mike Pompeo visits The FAMiLY Leader

URBANDALE, Iowa – On Friday, March 26, 2021, former U.S. Representative, CIA Director, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the headquarters of The FAMiLY Leader for a private meeting with TFL President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats. Afterward, the two sat down to record an interview for public release.

The recorded interview focused on Pompeo’s unique perspective as a Christian serving in one of the United States’ highest offices and leading in international relations.

“I wanted to come to The FAMiLY Leader because my faith is central to me, and TFL is an important part of talking about that and delivering righteous policy,” Pompeo said.

He continued later, “Every leader has a responsibility to shine that light, to not put in under a bushel, to be who you are and make the case for America with your faith as support for that effort.”

The conversation also looked to the future, what lessons the former Secretary of State would share with the next presidential administration and how the U.S. can rebuild unity after a bitterly divisive presidential election.

“I’m very optimistic that going forward that the United States will remain the most exceptional nation in the history of civilization,” Pompeo asserted.

You can watch the exclusive video of Pompeo’s interview below:

Pompeo’s visit with The FAMiLY Leader marked the second time the nation’s former top diplomat engaged publicly with TFL. While serving as Secretary of State, Pompeo headlined the 2020 Family Leadership Summit, an annual gathering of pastors, elected officials, and grassroots Christian leaders hosted by The FAMiLY Leader under the theme “Principle over Politics.”


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