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Watch FOX TV's Tucker Carlson speech at 2022 FAMiLY Leadership Summit

Des Moines, IOWA – “If there’s one group of people I know well, it’s politicians,” said FOX TV’s Tucker Carlson at the 2022 FAMiLY Leadership Summit. “Politicians are very simple organisms. … They don’t want an unlimited number of things. They want to win elections. That’s it.”

And since politicians are going to want to win the 2024 presidential election, Carlson argued, voters should exercise the power of their voting position to demand three criteria from those seeking office:

  1. Candidates who talk about things that actually matter

  2. Candidates who care about noble ideas that bear beautiful fruit

  3. Candidates who don’t care about critics at The New York Times and the mainstream media

Carlson addressed a crowd of over 1,800 at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center in Des Moines on July 15 at the close of the 11th annual FAMiLY Leadership Summit, hosted by The FAMiLY Leader.

Watch video of Carlson’s speech below:

The FAMiLY Leader, or TFL, is a non-partisan and non-profit Christian ministry committed to inspiring Christians to engage with government for the advance of God’s Kingdom.

TFL’s annual FAMiLY Leadership Summit brings to the Midwest prominent, national leaders from a variety of fields to encourage Christians to engage in Christ-centered cultural transformation that “thinks bigger” than politics and elections to impact not just government, but also churches, families, and individual lives.


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